The Songweave Tapestry

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A new EMBERWIND campaign about arcane secrets, political conspiracies, and a powerful artifact that could bring down the highest civilization in Axia.

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EMBERWIND: Hero Manual

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We’re proud to introduce: The Vinestone! This formidable Plant-type Foe seeks out the toughest Heroes and attempts to crush them with its Hammerfist attack or punish their movements with its Thorngrasp Ability. If that weren’t …

LORE ARCHIVE – Buster’s Big Day

The soil of the floating mountain of Summit was bountifully fertile. Some of the bright minds at the College of Agriculture believed it was due to floating above the Crystal Horizon—out of reach of the …

SPECIAL DLC – Dyson, the Goodest Boy

The Nomnivore Games team has written about the struggles of many Heroes—inspiring, brave champions who beat the odds and achieve greatness Today, we’re pleased to share a happy chapter from the story of our greatest …