NEWS UPDATE – Big News! New Books and Kickstarter!

Hey everyone! This has been a long time coming, but do we have something exciting to announce today!

Our team and our Nomnisaurs have been working hard behind the scenes to prepare our next product release for all of our fans: The Emberwind: Microlite Custom Hero Manual.

This will be a book that will guide people on how to create their own custom characters, usable in any of our Emberwind Campaigns or in your very own custom Emberwind games! We’ll be releasing teasers of our Work-in-Progress as we get closer to release, where it will be simultaneously revealed along with our Forums where we’ll be engaging with the community and welcoming feedback from you all. The Emberwind: Microlite Custom Hero Manual will be entering an closed-beta phase first, where anyone who has access to any of our other digital products (such as Emberwind: The Skies of Axia PDF) will gain automatic access! So if you haven’t redeemed your coupon with the purchase of the print copy of Skies, do so now!

Another big thing we’ve been working on behind the scenes is getting ready for our very first Kickstarter. We’ve got a lot of exciting things planned for it, but the center of attention will be on the release of the sister book to the Microlite Custom Hero Manual–Emberwind: Core Hero Manual. In that book, we’ll be releasing the full game engine and the hard variant of the rules. Some exciting features include Subclasses, Feats, Modularized Rules, and much, much more! Stay tuned to our social media to keep up to date with all of our news!

(Note: All images and content shown is subject to change by final release.)