NEWS UPDATE – Dyson, The Goodest Boy

Hey everyone.

We’d like to take a brief detour away from EMBERWIND and Axia today to tell you about a dog.

This is Dyson.

Dyson lives in Toronto where he spends his time at home with his human, Derek. When Derek is running Nomnivore Games from home, Dyson is there at his side, keeping him company and reminding him that the squeaky toy needs to be thrown. While Derek claims to be the fearless leader of Nomnivore Games, Dyson knows who’s really in charge. Being the goodest of boys that he is though, Dyson’s content with letting Derek handle things.

Derek Chung

A few weeks ago, the Nomnivore team was given terrible news regarding Dyson’s health. He was diagnosed with heartworm, a condition which is fatal without the proper treatment. Unfortunately, the treatment for this disease is incredibly time-intensive and requires constant supervision to monitor his health. Over the next several months, Derek will need to stay by Dyson’s side, keeping watch and making sure his treatment progresses smoothly.

What this means for our team is that we, unfortunately, will have to cancel some of our upcoming convention appearances. Our team has done its best to keep the number of cancelled shows to a bare minimum, and to look for alternate shows we can send staff to in Derek’s place so he can stay home with Dyson.

Right now, we’re only cancelling Origins and SMASH!, but more will likely follow. We desperately wanted to be there this year, but there was just no way to make the logistics work. We know some of our community members were planning on attending Origins so they could meet our team. We deeply apologize and humbly request your patience and understanding as we work out our convention schedule over the coming months.

Our core belief as a team is that games and game companies should be centred on a community of people supporting and interacting with each other. We have always strived to be active members of the EMBERWIND community, not only as a company, but as people as well. Dyson is a part of our community and we want to keep you updated on his ongoing treatment.

In the meantime, we’re announcing a 20%-off sale on all products to raise funds for Dyson’s treatment. Also, Derek’s fiance/Nomnivore’s production partner and collaborator, Belli-Buttons, is also hosting a sale on her website to fundraise, and even has Dyson merch! Or, be one of the first 50 orders over $150 from the EMBERWIND store, and we’ll include a free Dyson Pin with your purchase!

We’re also releasing some extra-special Dyson-themed DLC in the coming weeks. We don’t want to give away too much yet, but let’s just say the whole team is pitching in to make something extraordinary.

We hope that you’ll join all of us on the Nom team in wishing Dyson a speedy and healthy recovery. And from all of us, we’d like to thank our community again for everything that you’ve done to support us. You’re the real Heroes of EMBERWIND.

-The Nomnivore Games Team