About Emberwind

Our Philosophy

“There’s more to every story.”

Nomnivore Games cares about making ambitious games and telling stories that challenge gamers’ expectations and immerse them in rich, nuanced worlds that reflect the diversity and complexity of our own.

It’s in our company DNA to challenge genre tropes and try to raise the level of discourse in tabletop design, while treading carefully and respectfully around sensitive topics and making sure that the gaming table remains an inclusive space. Our goal isn’t to focus on divisive issues or push a particular agenda, but to provide a safe space to talk about and roleplay complex moral and societal situations.

We know that from time to time, we’re going to fall short of the mark we set for ourselves–and short of the expectations the tabletop community has for us. We can’t have ambitious successes without running the risk of ambitious failures. We’re asking in advance for your patience when we get it wrong, and for your help having productive conversations about how to get it right.



EMBERWIND is a new tabletop role-playing game (TTRPG) designed to create dynamic stories and whole-party adventures, with or without a game master. It was created with a deep respect for and experience in traditional TTRPGs, and an awareness of the high learning curve for new players. Through the use of our RISE System, EMBERWIND can easily be picked up by new players, while still offering the beloved crunchy experience of a good adventure game for experienced players.

EMBERWIND offers its players an unparalleled ownership of their characters and their campaigns. We achieve this through the use of more intuitive combat, expanded character options, and, eventually, customization modules to create their own settings.

EMBERWIND will also offer monster manuals, setting guides, and campaigns. The system will not be constrained to one setting, however, and will offer several options for players to choose from.

Whether you’re new to role-playing games, or have been playing since the first D&D box, we’re looking forward to bringing you a new experience. It’s your story now, and we can’t wait to see where you take it.


About the RISE System

The RISE System is a setting-independent tabletop role playing game system that focuses on agile combat, character flexibility, and player agency. RISE was created with independent use in mind, allowing almost any part of the system to be separated out and seamlessly integrated with nearly any other setting or adventure on the market. We will also be offering proprietary settings, starting with Axia, as well as monster manuals and campaign guides.

The RISE System was developed with dual mechanics, offering itself in two versions. The Microlite System gives new players the ability to get right into the game, while the Core version offers experienced players the full resolution of complex character customization and strategy. These dual mechanics offer the option of playing without a game master, as well, giving players more agency and flexibility.

Both versions achieve depth with a unique focus on character design and collaboration. You will discover countless unique interactions depending on the situation and the abilities of your hero, so the better you know your hero, the more memorable your game will be. Every Class has abilities that pair well with the other Classes. The challenge is figuring out how they complement one other to achieve optimal results.

From beginners to veterans, the RISE System was designed as a tabletop RPG system for everyone. We’re confident that there’s a version of our game that’s right for you!


About Our Campaigns

EMBERWIND campaigns are designed to be run collaboratively, without the need for a game master or storyteller. This brings the agency to the players, allowing more investment and exploration of the world and story. The first campaign, The Skies of Axia, is available now in the EMBERWIND store. Taking place on a gas planet ruled by airships, The Skies of Axia brings you into a world of adventure and intrigue, swashbuckling and derring-do.


User-Developed Content

Once our community has had a chance to experience EMBERWIND and the RISE System, we will be offering guidelines and development modules to create your own settings and campaigns. While the majority of the products developed this way will be for personal use, we will also be exploring the option of collaborative design with the EMBERWIND team.