The Druid is a classic in RPGs, but we’ve noticed it tends to get the same treatment in every game: a tranquil tree-loving sage living in harmony with nature.

We decided to try something a little different.

After all, nature doesn’t live in harmony with itself. The natural world is a brutal place that grinds things to dust as much as it nurtures them. The balance of nature is one of predator and prey, growth and decay, life and death. We wanted the Druid to radiate all aspects of that balance.

This is where the Druid’s Creed comes in: “All things grow. All things wither. All things die.”

We drew some inspiration from the Stonehenge druids and powers tied to lunar cycles and seasonal changes. The Druid’s magic waxes and wanes, following the ebb and flow of the life cycles and natural balance it is so intimately tied to.

At the same time, we wanted the Druid to have a solid, gritty strength. Druids are a force of nature, and the art that Crush Visual so painstakingly delivered gives us a Druid unflinching and resilient, almost as if cut from stone.

And of course, we wanted to tap into classic Druid RPG magic, with feral animal powers and wild elemental magic at your disposal.

You can try the Druid by playing as Laureat in the EMBERWIND: The Skies of Axia campaign, or explore Druid Spell Schools and class features on the Druid Class webpage. You’ll also want to check back here next week for a new lore story about the Druid.