“We are fire, or we are fuel.” 

Those words define Ardent, the latest Harbinger Class to be unveiled for EMBERWIND.

The Ardent was our way of moving past the tired trope of the mage as a dusty scholar who hides on the back lines of the fight, reciting spells and wielding magic they learned from a book. The Ardent is all about spectacle and passion. She is an inferno of flame, smoke and splendour that engulfs the battlefield and makes no apologies. When you’re an Ardent, you burn bright, or you burn out. The note we gave the art team was “peacock turning into a phoenix,” and wow, did they ever deliver.

The Ardent wields arcane energy in three different ways. With Needling Magic, she forges wild flame into a fine point, focusing her spells in a series of precise attacks that melt through enemy defenses. With Destruction Magic, she detonates her arcane energies in blasts that devastate the battlefield and sear any enemies foolish enough to stand in her way—though often she needs to step into the heat of combat to use them to greatest effectiveness. Through Manipulation Magic, she crafts mirages from the heat of her passion, warping the minds of her enemies and twisting the material world—and even time itself—to suit her whims.

Although we closely tied the thematic elements of the Ardent to fire through her burning intensity and phoenix-like artwork, her spells access a full range of elemental powers. She can call down lightning or summon formidable barriers of ice. But at the heart of her magic, there is always that inner fire: the spark of obsession, the flame of destruction and the shimmering heat of smoke and illusion.

You can read more about the Ardent’s features on her Class page, discover her origins in this week’s Lore Archive short story by John Helfers, or play her as Piper, one of the player characters in our debut campaign The Skies of Axia.