We couldn’t be more thrilled to unveil the Atlanta—the first of the 9 EMBERWIND Classes we’ll be sharing over the coming months. You can read all about her on her Class description page or read a short story about the rise of the Atlanta in the Archive, a weekly EMBERWIND lore series.

Inspired by Joan of Arc, the Atlanta is a frontline leader who wins the day with expert martial ability and supernatural charisma. While the other 8 core EMBERWIND Classes specialize in either magic or martial combat, the Atlanta draws from both wells, making her a formidable force on the battlefield. She can hold her own in the melee, or draw from her arsenal of battle hymns and combat maneuvers to lead her allies to victory against impossible odds. It’s said that under the guidance of an Atlanta, a small regiment of soldiers can fight with the ferocity and skill of a seasoned army.

The Atlanta belongs to the Commander Class Category. But unlike traditional RPGs, where character classes tend to get locked in to particular roles, the Classes in EMBERWIND offer players versatile toolkits for fulfilling different roles in their party using collaboration and creative problem solving. For example, the Atlanta can draw on her Skirmishing Expertise to thin enemy ranks with strategic strikes, or the Shielding Expertise to tank massive damage for the party, or Restoration Magic to bring back besieged allies from the brink of death—sometimes all in the same Turn.

You can sample the Atlanta by playing as Rook in the EMBERWIND: The Skies of Axia, a standalone campaign for 3-4 players that doesn’t require any other extra books to play. The full rules for the Atlanta will be released with the core EMBERWIND rule book.

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Next up: the Warrior!