Nomad. Scholar. Enchantress. Fate-spinner.

The Invoker sees the threads that tie together the destinies of her allies and her enemies, and knows exactly how to manipulate them. Of the nine EMBWERWIND Classes, she offers unparalleled battlefield control, misdirecting or incapacitating her adversaries by painting over their perception and even bending the earth itself to suit her needs.

The visual design, as well as the Class flavour, is inspired by wanderer cultures like the Romani. She dresses in loose, comfortable, layered clothing designed for travel. She collects twigs and plants in a quiver as she explores, allowing her to carry the landscape with her to power her earth magic. Likewise, she collects knowledge, secrets, stories, languages, and lore in her arsenal for later use. Each of these is a thread connecting her to the people whose paths she has crossed, represented by the many strands tied to her staff. She pulls on these strands to cast her enchantments and reshape the web of fate.

The Invoker’s Class design also draws on aspects of cartography (the making of maps) as well cartomancy (divination practiced through Tarot cards). Like the archaeologist who first theorized that ley lines connect major sites of power around the world, the Invoker is always reading the terrain, learning its story, and discovering the nodes where she can deploy her sorcery to greatest effect—usually through Geomancy Magic. And like the Tarot reader, she can see the strings that tie together the fates of friend and foe, as well as interpret them—bending destiny to meet her vision with Alteration Magic, or weaving new destinies through well-timed boons and hexes with her Curse Magic.

For a gifted Invoker, fortune-telling means not just telling a person their fate, but telling fate what is going to happen to a person. Likewise, cartography isn’t just shaping the map, but shaping the terrain, imposing a pattern onto something that others can only see as vast and wild. The Invoker is all about patterns–layering enchantments that alter what already exists rather than creating something anew. For experienced RPG players who want to see the full range of complexity available in EMBERWIND’s gameplay, the Invoker will be a favourite.

You can learn more about the Invoker’s features on her Class page, see her in action in John Helfer’s new Lore Archive short story “Flight of the Butterfly” coming later this week, or play Laureat as an Invoker in the free Hero variants download package for the Skies of Axia campaign.

We’ll be unveiling another new Class in a couple weeks. In the meantime, you can check out the Atlanta, Warrior, Druid, Spiritualist, Rogue, Ardent and Invoker on the EMBERWIND Classes page.