In EMBERWIND, the Rogue keeps his mind as sharp as his weapons, training his skills both martial and mental to deadly effect. Inspired by the elite and secretive Order of Assassins–an Islamic sect founded in a mountaintop fortress by philosopher Hassan-i Sabbah in 11th-century Iran–the Rogue is a master of the calculated kill.

The Rogues’ Expertises help him mark, approach, and neutralize a target–and then disappear without a trace. The Order’s assassins were notorious for making public assassinations and then vanishing into the crowd. The Rogue’s Trickery Expertise lets him close the distance on a target before he’s sighted as a threat, and then his Slayer Expertise lets him dispatch his foe with ruthless efficiency. On the rare chance his mark survives the assault, his mastery of the Serpent Expertise will finish the job while the Rogue makes his getaway.

This means a Rogue needs to do more than just max his Dexterity score. He also relies on his Strength to deliver the killing blow and his Intelligence to administer a debilitating array of poisons. His skill set extends off the battlefield too. In the Core game, the Rogue is trained in languages, cultures and courtly duties to help him blend in while studying and approaching his target–much like the Assassins of Hassan-i Sabbah.

In melee, the Rogue’s combat style is acrobatic and scrappy. Our vision of the Rogue wields two katars–Indo-Persian push daggers that allow the wielder to follow through with the full force of a punch, but offer few opportunities to parry. The Rogue’s primary defense is being quick on his feet. Once he’s maneuvered himself into a strike position, there’s no margin for error or hesitation.

You can try the Rogue out by playing Rath in The Skies of Axia campaign. You can also read more about his abilities on the his Class page and see him in action a forthcoming Lore Archive story by John Helfers.