CLASS UNVEILING – The Spiritualist

“See beyond sight. Feel beyond flesh. The spirits call.”

Entering battle on both the physical and spiritual planes, the Spiritualist is a versatile Commander Class Hero whose mastery of martial discipline and mystic prowess stand out on the battlefield.

Everything about the Spiritualist’s nature is dual. He is steeped in life and death, flesh and spirit, and those concepts are not oppositions but corollaries that give each other definition and meaning. He can strike out with his fist, and in the same blow extend his warrior spirit into a devastating strike against a target across the battlefield.

The Spiritualist is also defined by fluidity. This Commander Class Hero can draw life force from an enemy, and convert it to power a spell or heal an ally. For him, the flow of energy in combat is continuous and controllable.

To this end, the spirits are one of his greatest allies. He parleys with forces from the invisible world—entities from beyond the physical realm, whether on the far side of death or from spiritual reaches unknown. He doesn’t command the spirits, but negotiates with them, with both sides exerting influence over the other. Spiritualists’ identities are often in flux, with them absorbing the personalities and memories of the entities whose powers they wield. They are often gender fluid, and sometimes even present themselves as a plurality of identities linking past and present, male and female, life and death.

The Spiritualist Class design was inspired in part by Taoist monks, who trained their bodies and minds to become unparalleled healers, warriors and philosophers, as well as by a number of the many and multifaceted indigenous North American spiritual perspectives on death as a transition between worlds and life as being bound together by a master spirit.

You can meet the Spiritualist on his new Class page, as well as in a new short story that will be released in the EMBERWIND Lore Archive next week.

In the meantime, you can also discover the other three Classes we have unveiled (the Atlanta, Warrior and Druid) or learn more about Derek Chung, the designer of EMBERWIND, in our blog post about how he blends game design with his background in philosophy and social psychology.