The hardened soldier who channels cold fury into precise, lethal strikes. The fearless shield maiden who raises her steel where the battle is most fierce. The viper-swift swordsman who can cut down a foe before anyone has realized she’s drawn her blade.

These are some of the influences that went into making sure the Warrior feel like something different than anything we’d seen before in a fantasy RPG. We wanted to develop a Class that felt versatile enough to handle any vision of the pure martial combatant without locking players into the stereotypes of the generic beefy fighter or rage monster.

To do that, we drew on martial arts from a variety of cultures and traditions, which we tried to reflect in the Warrior’s Expertises. (In EMBERWIND, Expertises are the themed categories that you choose your most power Class-specific Actions from.)

For example, the Defender Expertise grants access to powerful defensive Actions that can help your party weather fearsome assaults, many of which are inspired by the skjaldmaer or shield maiden of the ancient Scandinavian sagas. Likewise, much of Armsman Expertise is inspired by kenjutsu, the sword-fighting school founded by famed swordsman Sasaki Kojiro. The Brutality Expertise focuses on melding Norse berserker battle fury with the precise, devastating strokes of Kendo sword-fighting. You can check out the Warrior’s Class page to learn more about her Expertises.

The Warrior is the second of the nine EMBERWIND Classes we’ll be unveiling over the coming months. You can read a new short story about the Warrior in the Archive of EMBERWIND lore stories or play it as an alternate class for Rath in our free Hero variant DLC for EMBERWIND: The Skies of Axia. You can also check out the Atlanta (the first Class we revealed) on the Class page.

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