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    [UPDATE] Hero Manual Version 0.5.1

    [Update] Hero Manual 0.5.1 (Pt. 4) Hero Manual - Page reference errors P. 81 - Awarding EXP - replaced p. xx with “p. 82” P. 81 - Gaining a Tier - replaced p. xx with “see Tier Advancement, right” P. 97 - Tide-Turner Charges - replaced p. xx with “p. 103” P. 99 - Rules of Combat - replaced p...
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    [UPDATE] Hero Manual Version 0.5.1

    [Update] Hero Manual 0.5.1 (Pt. 3) P. 58 Atlanta Tier 1 Whitemane Warsong Name: Renamed to: Warsong: Roar of the Whitemane Tier 2 Skewer Effect: Revised from: [Melee Weapon Damage]. Amp. Effect: Expend 1 Fast Action to cause Hit Grunt to become FALLEN. Revised to: [Melee Weapon...
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    [UPDATE] Hero Manual Version 0.5.1

    [Update] Hero Manual 0.5.1 (Pt. 2) P. 41 Archer Tier 1 Farsight Shot Effect: Revised from: +2 A to CAP Check. [Ranged Weapon Damage]. If your last Damage-dealing Action before Farsight Shot was a Melee Action, deal +3x[the number of Squares your Target is from you] Damage. Revised to: +2 A...
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    [UPDATE] Hero Manual Version 0.5.1

    Hey everyone, we've got a big update for you today, so strap in as we unveil the latest changes and rapidly approach a final product. CHANGELOG #6 13/6/2019 - Version 0.5.1: (Part 1) General Update: Any Action Effect that affects C, A, or P for a CAP Check has had the C, A, and P bolded...
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    [Update] Hero Manual v. 0.4.2

    Hey, all. We released a minor update to the hero manual. The changes are detailed below and consist of language clarifications, typo corrections, and fixes to Combat Score formulas. As a quick note, we noticed after the file update that the version number did not get incremented in the actual...
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    [Update] Hero Manual Version 0.3.0

    Archer New Tier 3 Class Traits Added Signal Flare Type: Amplify Exploit Target: 1 Action Range: - Effect: Amp Effect: If you Hit a Foe with a Damage-dealing Action, make a Move Action directly toward or away from that Foe. Action Speed: Fast New Tier 3 Class Actions Added Galerider Strike...
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    [Update] Hero Manual Version 0.3.0

    Hey all! We're dropping a new version of the Hero Manual today. This update features a few balance changes to previous content, but the main additions are the unlock of Tier 3 content and the inclusion of the comprehensive combat and roleplay rules! Changelog #3 2/5/2019 - Version 0.3.0 Class...
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    Deck of Fates Back Art Poll

    Hey all! We need your help to decide on a style to use for the backs of our upcoming Deck of Fates for EMBERWIND. Below are examples of different styles we're thinking of using for the cards. These aren't final designs but rather concept images, so the final design based on your votes may differ...
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    Custom Hero Manual Beta Launch Coming Soon

    Thank you for the fast response! We'll keep you updated on the fix for this.
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    Custom Hero Manual Beta Launch Coming Soon

    Hey there. Sorry for the mixup here. We're looking into what's causing the error and will let you know as soon as we have a fix. To help us identify the problem, can you let us know which download you're trying to access? I'm assuming that it's the Beta Acceds files but I wanted to double check.
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    Player Count Question

    Hi Abby! We've created Sunlight and Sky for 4 Heroes, and it's our most difficult Combat Encounter released to date. If you're playing with 2 people, the first thing we recommend is playing it on Easy. Next, we recommend each player take control of 2 Heroes rather than 1. But if you're gung-ho...
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    Skies of Axia Campaign Report (SPOILERS)

    Hey Karrius! I’m glad you and your group had fun in your game! We love hearing feedback from our players and I wanted to take the time to reply to your thoughts. There’s a lot to unpack here, so if I miss anything please let me know! When you do, please let us know how that turns out as well...
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    Custom Hero Manual Beta Launch Coming Soon

    Hey all! We're looking to launch the Beta for the Custom Hero Manual over the weekend (though we'll let you know if that changes). We're excited to see what you all think of it and hear your feedback. Our team can't wait to share this with you, though our responses may be just a bit slower than...
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    RISE to the challenge

    Thanks for the question Wigliff! The short answer to question is: Not yet but soon. The longer answer is that the RISE system uses two sets of rules. The Microlite rules, which the Skies of Axia characters are based off of, is a streamlined system for getting into the game quickly with little...
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    Welcome to our community Branwen and thank you so much for joining! If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask. Also, I hope you'll share your experiences with us here on the forums! Cheers, Lance