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    Emberwind Actual Play | Unsung - Season 01 Episode 03: The Red Tide

    = Watch Here = Things aren't looking good for Talen, Nalos, and Red, but the strange bundle of vines appears to be on their side, and with Red back in the fight, they can easily turn the tide of this fight.
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    Emberwind Actual Play | Unsung - Season 01 Episode 02: A Bridge Too Far

    = Watch Here = A simple task: Cross the bridge, meet Maddox. HAH! A simple task indeed... Throw in am ample amount of misguided heroism, a pack of hounds, and... a walking bundle of vines?
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    Emberwind Actual-Play | Unsung - Season 01 Episode 01: A Plea for Gelspar

    = Watch Here = An unfortunate grouping of individuals. An all too easy, and all too mysterious job. But as the ancient writings in the monastery say: Not all paths you walk are simple... ...or something like that...