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  1. Wigliff

    RISE to the challenge

    Ok, the rules system seems really flexible, but is there a formalized rule set that is accessible? The Combat mechanics, from the demo, seem streamlined and quick. I can't really see where the campaign book ends and the rules system begin. I'd like to look at the RISE system outside of the...
  2. Wigliff

    Hey, My name isn't Rook!

    Any thought of a character creation system? Player become more invested in a character (for long term play) if they can personalize the character, and make it their own. Also, players have items & inventory. How does one design items and\judge their power\monetary value
  3. Wigliff

    The Books, too pretty to use in game

    Hi Guys, Was just looking through the Skies of Axia book and it is beautiful. One thought; most of my role playing books are pretty beaten up from use and, although there is a PDF version available, I'd be afraid of breaking the spine on your books. Any consideration of spiral binding the...