Doubts about Dual Attack Rogue Class Action and Weakness Condition

I recently buy The Skies of Axia campaign and in the first combat encounter Rath received 5 stacks of the Weakness Condition (generous gift of the Houndmaster's Disarming Lash). My question is, if Rath would use the Dual Attack Class Action while the Weakness Condition is active, how would I need to calculate the damage multiplier?

1) 3d8 x 1.5 THEN -5 damage (for the 5 stacks of Weakness) and then subtrack Tougness/Resistance OR
2) (3d8 - 5) x 1.5 damage and then subtrack Tougness/Resistance

And how about possible positive flat modifier to damage? Would they be multiply or added after all calculation were made?

Thank you for any answers!

[NOM] Derek

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Hey hey!

The damage formula for all Actions work as follows:

[(Dice + Additive/Subtractive Modifiers) x Multipliers] - Barrier Values.

In your specific case, Rath would deal:

[(3d8 - 5) x 1.5] - Toughness.

Hope that helps!

P.S. - We have a FAQ page on the main website to help answer these questions. If you can't find a particular answer there, feel free to post your question on the forums so that we can add it to the knowledge base for everyone!
I didn't notice the FAQ page on the main website, next time I'll be more careful and thanks for your very swift answer!

But isn't unfair for the Rogue character to be even more punished with Weakness than normal (since the penalty is also multiply) when using a Class Action?

P.S: - I want to really, REALLY give you my congratulation for the fantastic RISE system you developed. I'm a veteran of many tabletop RPGs and I'm not esagerating by saying that this game, with a more developted and polished rules for foes and settings creation and the subclasses modular system, could become one of the best ever made. You should be very proud of all the developer team :)

[NOM] Derek

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Well, on behalf of the entire team, I'd like to give you our thanks for your compliment!

While what you say regarding Weakness affecting Rogues more severely, there are many points you aren't considering for balance. For instance:
  • Other Classes also have Damage Multipliers available to them. It just so happens that out of the pregens, that Rath is the only one with a Multipler, creating an availability heuristic.
  • While subtractive modifiers like Weakness make Multipliers like Dual Attack worse relative to other Actions, additive modifiers also improve it to a much greater degree.
  • There is an asymmetric balance built into EMBERWIND to generate unique playstyles and identity for characters. As a result, particular builds will be affected more by particular things. Some Foes, for instance, constantly remove Sustain Effects, which would make Laureat's Druid pregen appear weaker within the context of just that encounter, despite the Druid being balanced.
  • There are more reasons than that, and I'm happy to list them out here. However, these types of discussions tend to flow better on Discord, where other users can join in with their thoughts too. You should join us on the server!
Thank you again for your accurate answer, sadly I'm still a newbie of the system so I lack many insights to really understand the balance of the system, but also for this reason I guess is not a bad idea to join the discord server :)