Newbie to the Game

I just picked this game up at steel city comic con in PA and wondering where do you start with the lore on the website.

Also what is the dlc round up volume 1-6 and it has a set price not sure what it entirely means would like to know.

[NOM] Derek

Staff member
Hey hey!

First of all, thank you so much for your support. EMBERWIND is an unusually built game, where the lore starts wherever you'd like it to. They're written in a way where they reference one another, resulting in the universe taking shape only in the direction you're interested in. You can think of each story as a "thread" that weaves together to create a much greater "tapestry".

For the DLC Round-ups, they're the lore and bestiary entries organized into more digestible PDFs for ease of consumption for our users. We provide them through our web store at a "pay what you want" value, so you can set the price anywhere between no charge to any tip amount you feel is fair for our work.