Player Count Question


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Hi all!
I've been following the kickstarter and am really interested.
I want to try the sunlight and sky vignette but had a question about player count. I don't see anything about scaling for the number of players. I assume there setup is for 4 characters. What would I doto play with only 2 characters?
Great work so far!

[NOM] Lance

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Hi Abby!

We've created Sunlight and Sky for 4 Heroes, and it's our most difficult Combat Encounter released to date. If you're playing with 2 people, the first thing we recommend is playing it on Easy. Next, we recommend each player take control of 2 Heroes rather than 1. But if you're gung-ho about wanting to play this with only 2 Heroes, your best bet is to revisit this Combat Encounter with two Tier 3 Heroes for a challenging but not impossible fight. (Tier 3 has not been released yet, but it has been unlocked as a part of the Kickstarter! We'll be dropping Tier 1 and 2 with the beta this week, but Tier 3 is still a ways away.)

Thank you for following our Kickstarter! If you have any other questions please don't hesitate to ask.