RISE to the challenge


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Ok, the rules system seems really flexible, but is there a formalized rule set that is accessible?

The Combat mechanics, from the demo, seem streamlined and quick. I can't really see where the campaign book ends and the rules system begin. I'd like to look at the RISE system outside of the integrated campaign environment.

[NOM] Lance

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Thanks for the question Wigliff!

The short answer to question is: Not yet but soon.

The longer answer is that the RISE system uses two sets of rules. The Microlite rules, which the Skies of Axia characters are based off of, is a streamlined system for getting into the game quickly with little prior gaming knowledge needed. The more expansive core rule system expands all the character options and lets you customize your character at a much greater depth.

We haven't yet released the books and content for these yet, but they'll include the full system rules for you to use with Skies or to create your own content.

The good news is that you won't have to wait for the final products to be released to try things out. Your account on our website will give you access to beta content that we're developing.

I hope my response answers your question. If you would like any more info please don't hesitate to ask.




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YES!!!! The cheering at the Wigliff household is almost deafening!!

I quite love the Axia world and I'm really looking forward to bringing this to my home gaming group. The group I run is a mixture of new players and of old campaigners.

So many products that I've seen are there to bring in the first time player, but us old campaigners are sometimes looking for something fresh but with enough substance and support to allow our imaginations to run free.