Shattered Cosmos | Living World Campaign


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"When the sky brightens but hopes are lost,
the World Tree will defend itself at cost.
The flaws and cracks will appear,
and the worlds, once one, begin to tear.
If the hopeless worlds are to reunite,
then those with hope must try to fight."

Shattered planes are all that remain. The World Tree floats through space, isolated from the worlds it once connected. It's lonely presence is almost peaceful as it floats softly through the dark sky. The other worlds now float around, unfettered by the restraints of the World Tree. On occasions, these worlds float within the reach of the World Tree, which allows it to create a temporary connection; at least until the world drifts away once more.

A small group of hopeful souls appear at the tree. They have no idea who they are or how they arrived. One thought burns in their minds; "I must reunite the worlds." However, there is also a strange sense of an unknown dread that surrounds them, almost as if their one thought would lead to destruction. How will this new cosmos fair with its new beginnings?

I am planning to start a living world campaign starting at the beginning of January.

How will this work?
There is no max limit of players and no set time that it is played. There also may be more than one GM. Players or GMs can work with other players to organize a time to play a session, which is usually 3-4 hours long. A session will consist of up to 5-6 players. Each session is basically a one shot adventure which links into the main story of the campaign. Occasionally a session might end up taking longer than 3-4 hours, in which case players can either schedule a continuation session or just continue after the time limit if everyone is fine with that.

This allows for a more flexible style of campaign where everyone can have an effect on the story and plot while also working around their schedule.

What about characters?
Characters will start as Tier 1 Heroes and may be made from any setting. The characters have all been pulled from their own worlds to the World Tree to help save the universe. So feel free to go crazy with whatever characters you've been wanting to play. I will be allowing my Chessmaster class and will also be using my Utility Abilities ruleset.

I will add more details later. If you are interested or have any more questions for me, please post below or message me on the Emberwind Discord.