Skies of Axia PDF - first time download


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Hi there!

I'm a new player and just picked up Emberwind from the resent Denver PopculterCon. Super excited to jump into the world!
From the con, I picked up the campaign book and with it can a promo code with access the PDFs. The instructions I have are to
  1. Go to
  2. Add The Skies of Axia PDF to your cart
  3. Enter the promo code
  4. check out and create and account.
It's unclear to me though where the PDF is in the store. I have found the items `The Skies of Axia Campaign (Gamebook + Digital PDF)` and `The Skies of Axia Campaign (Digital PDF) + Core Hero Manual Beta` which, when added, have the `Core Hero Manual Beta` included in the purchase. When I apply the promo code, the form still prompts for card information to order the campaign books (I already have that) and no PDFs are added to my account.

I just want to make sure I'm not missing something when setting up an account. Any ideas?

- Nico


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Ok, I think I have a better understanding. It looks like all the rules are defined at the back of the campaign book. All the additional details are defined on either the Hero's or Foe's character sheets. I found the support package and a bit more of the rules started to make sense. I had been hoping to find a PDF that broke down more details and examples.

I might have some additional questions as we start the campaign but I think the other form threads are a more appropriate place :)