Tactician - High Level View


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Tactician Tier 1
Two-Pronged Attack – Amp Buff Ally
Insightful Leader – Buff Ally
Decorated General – Buff Self

Worthy Adversary – Blast / Amp Blast
Valiant Strike – Blast
Battlefield Tempo – Buff Ally
Turning Point – Cleanse Ally
Leader’s Comfort – Heal Self / Amp Heal Self
Leader’s Resolve – Trigger Buff Ally

Inspire Greatness – Buff Ally
Triumphant Return – Trigger Heal Ally
Intercept – Trigger Movement & Debuff

Tier 2
Command and Conquer – Buff Ally

Spirited Strike – Blast & Cleanse Ally
Spoils to the Victor – Blast and Heal Ally
Decisive Blow – Debuff
Moment of Defiance – Buff Ally
Energizing Victory – Trigger Buff Ally / Amp Buff Ally
Double or Nothing – Sustain Buff Self & Debuff Self

Bolt of Inspiration – Trigger Buff Self & Debuff
Overturn – Trigger Buff Ally & Debuff
The Ties Which Bind – Sustain Buff Ally


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Key to terminology :
Blast - Does Damage
Amp - Amplify
Buff - Make stronger
Debuff - Make weaker (If not clarified, it means debuff enemy)
AoE - Area of Effect, hits multiple targets
Control - Making an Enemy do something for you
Buff Vs - Make attacks/effects stronger vs a specific enemy

I wrote this terminology up as a way to see better, at a glance, what the classes are doing in general, without being tied up in the specifics.


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Tactician is why I Kickstarted Emberwind. My buddy and I thought that it sounded like an awesome idea. Surprisingly, however, other classes in Emberwind have overshadowed the Tactician in a lot of the things that we liked. Namely, having ongoing effects, or supporting allies, or controlling the battlefield. However, Tactician definitely excels at one part that I love. And that is strategizing at the beginning of combat, and every turn thereafter. With the free effects the Tactician can grab, they can have the perfect person for the job every time.

One interesting note, Tacticians have basically nothing but triggers. Which is interesting, as I would have imagined Amplifying ally actions or Sustaining long-term strategies to be a core part. But, other classes already do that. So, I think that just triggers is for the best, making this class very reactive and not stagnant.

More notes to come, when I have more time.

If I messed up on anything or you have ideas to share, please share. I'm just trying to figure out how this game works so I can help make it better.

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Hi Ben,

Thanks very much for this intriguing breakdowns of each character class! I look forward seeing more of your thoughts and insights as you play and evaluate each one further.

Meanwhile, do let us know about any questions or thoughts you may have as you dive into each one--looking forward to continuing the conversation!

All best,
John Helfers, Lead Editor


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Its finals week of school, but once school gets out, i'll update with some more data. I'm more of a numbers guy, so I'll mostly be checking for numerical connections between classes and such. But I will also give some feedback once I convince enough people to try it out.