[UPDATE] Hero Manual Version 0.2.2

[NOM] Derek

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We hope everyone had a fantastic holiday break! We're getting back into gear by setting off into the new year with a minor update to the Hero Manual Beta!

Changelog #2 30/12/2018 - Version 0.2.2

Typos and Grammar
  • P. 7, Tier Selection: Text revised for clarity.
  • P. 12 Skills, Maneuver, Refresh: Mention of “Heal” in description updated to “Mend”.
  • P. 12 Skills, Feint: Updated description to state “+2 A” rather than “+2 Accuracy”.
  • P. 12 Skills, Analyze: Updated description to state “+2 P” rather than “+2 Penetration”.
  • P. 76 Anchors and Keepsakes: Added Step Checklist and text bolding to boost the visibility of pertinent information.

Content Changes
  • Skills, Maneuvers
    • Study: Now only available with a Storyteller.
    • New Maneuver added
      • Optimize
        • Associated Skill: Knowledge
        • Effect: Make a Skill Check. If you succeed, you may convert A into P at a ratio of 2:1 or vice versa. Optimize and its Effect is removed if you become Fallen or at the End of the Encounter.
        • Action Speed: Slow + Fast

Class Changes
  • Ardent
    • Cauterize: Effect revised to “Remove all Stacks of 1 Condition from Target Hero and that Hero suffers 1 Stack of BURNING. Amp. Effect: Expend 1 Free Action to Remove all Stacks of 2 Conditions instead and that Hero suffers 1 Stack of BURNING.” for clarity.
    • Pain of Betrayal: Effect revised to “ Amp. Effect: If a Foe takes Damage from another Foe’s Action, +[Tier]d10 Damage. 1 per Action.” for clarity. Target revised to “1 Action” for consistency.
  • Druid
    • Survival Instinct: Effect revised to “Negate the next Damage that your Target would take from an Action and remove Survival Instinct from that Target. 1 per Target per Combat. Sust. Effect: Repeat Effect.” Action Speed is “Fast”.
    • Resurgence: Updated text to replace “Sharpened Fangs” in description with “Resurgence”.
  • Invoker
    • Transference: Text revised for clarity.
    • Well of Power: Effect revised to “Combatants that occupy Target Square deal +[Tier+2] Damage on their first Damage-dealing Action each Round. Well of Power cannot Stack. If there are ever more than 3 on the Field, remove a pre-existing one of your choice.” for consistency. Range improved to “Field” Range.
    • Healing Font: Type revised to “General”. Target updated to specify “1 Unoccupied Square” for clarity.
  • Archer
    • Farsight Shot: Text revised to “+2 A to CAP Check. [Ranged Weapon Damage]. If your last Damage-dealing Action before Farsight Shot was a Melee Action, deal +2x[1 + number of Squares your Target is from you] Damage.” for clarity.
  • Warrior
    • Staccato Strike: Effect revised to “Amp. Effect: When you Hit Target Foe with a Melee Action, make a Basic Melee Attack directly after against that Foe as a Free Action.” for clarity. Target revised to “1 Melee Action” for consistency.
    • Tide of Iron: Effect revised to “Amp. Effect: When you Hit Target Foe with a Melee Action, that Foe is knocked PRONE.” for clarity. Target revised to “1 Melee Action” for consistency.
    • Boneshatter Blow: Effect revised to “[Melee Weapon Damage] + 2x[Tier]. If you successfully Penetrate or Critically Hit, deal 1.5x Damage instead.”
    • Heroic Strike: Damage reverted and improved to “+5x[Tier]”.
    • Lunging Strike: Improved Range to “Melee Weapon Range +2”.
    • Unstoppable Force: Tide-Turner Table reflowed to not obscure the page number.
  • Atlanta
    • Lion’s Pounce: Effect improved to “Make a Move Action as a Free Action. If a Foe is within range at the end of your Move, make a Basic Melee Attack at +2 A and + 2 P as a Free Action.”
    • Strengthen the Line: Effect revised to “Target Heroes heal [Tier+3] HP” for consistency.
    • Pegasus Charger: Effect improved to “Your first Move Action is a Free Action each Round and you may make 1 Basic Melee Attack directly after as a Free Action. Sust. Effect: Repeat Effect.”
  • Spiritualist
    • Spirit Burn: Effect revised to “[Tier]d6 Damage vs. Resistance. Amp. Effect: Expend 1 Fast Action to improve Damage by +1x[each Fallen Combatant] Die (max +3d).” to scale with Tier.
    • Virtue: Fortune: Effect revised to “Alter each Roll result of Target Hero by +/-2. Sust. Effect: Repeat Effect.” to correct a grammatical error.
  • Tactician
    • Two-Pronged Attack: Type revised to “General”. Effect revised to “If you are providing Flanking on a Foe, Target Other Hero may make a Basic Melee or Ranged Attack against that Foe as a Free Action now. 1 per Round.”
    • Settle the Score: Trigger Effect revised to “Trig. Effect: That Hero may make a Basic Melee or Ranged Attack at -4 A against that Foe as a Free Action directly after.” for clarity.
We'll be updating the pregenerated Hero Cards with these changes when we return from MAGFest. (If you're attending, come by and say hi!)

Happy New Years, everyone!
Healing Font: Does this last for the rest of combat now? Or is it only one turn? Does it have similar restrictions to Well of Power, in that you can remove a healing font by casting a new one?

Lunging Strike: You accidently changed the wrong box. You changed the effect to "Melee Weapon Range + 2" instead of changing the range to it.

Spirit Burn: Shouldn't it read dice instead of die?

[NOM] John

Staff member
Hi Knektebroe, thanks for the queries and suggestions. I know that Derek is reviewing the language for Healing Font and Lunging Strike, but I wanted to address your comment on the use of "die/dice" in Spirit Burn. Since the formula is based off the 1x part, which is singular, the singular form of dice, which is die, has to be used to ensure that the entire formula makes grammatical sense.

That's probably more than you wanted to know :), but we want to make sure you and the others who are supplying this valuable feedback know we're reviewing each and every one of them. Thanks again for playing, and keep the comments and questions coming!

John Helfers, Lead Editor