CONVENTION APPEARANCE -Nomnisaurs Ham It Up in Halifax!

The team had a blast this past weekend at EGLX and is already off to another show. This week, we’re headed to Halifax for Hal-Con! The Nomnisaurs are all packed and ready to make the trip, and they’re bringing our fearless leader and game designer Derek Chung with them! As always, we’ll be running demos so that you can try EMBERWIND for yourself. You can even pick up a game book for yourself and some other amazing EMBERWIND accessories like dice and cloth maps. We’re also pleased to announce that copies of the EMBERWIND Hero Manual will be available for pickup to any Kickstarter backers who have also ordered a copy of The Songweave Tapestry!

Can’t make it to the convention? That’s okay, too! You can always join in on Reddit or on our  Community Forums to chat with other players and our developers about all things EMBERWIND!

See you in Halifax!