CONVENTION APPEARANCE – Fan Expo Scavenger Hunt!


The Nomnivore team are out in force on their home turf at Fan Expo in Toronto, where we’ve been invited to set up shop in the Tabletop Room to run games and demos of EMBERWIND! We’re also excited that the creative team has tables for their own projects, and we wanted to give you a chance to meet all of them for yourself.

That’s we’re announcing a Nomnivore Games Fan Expo scavenger hunt!

Here’s how it works:

  1. Start the hunt in the Tabletop Room by grabbing a signature sheet.
  2. Collect a signature from at least 5 of the 8 team members (or all 8 if you’re a completionist)!
  3. Return to the Tabletop Room with the completed sheet to collect a prize! 5 team members nets you a prize, a complete sheet nets you 2!

Here are the Nomnivore creatives you’re trying to track down:

Artist Alley & Dealer’s Area – South Building

  • Toma Feizo Gas (Vulcan Design Forge) – Art Director – PR32
  • William Liu – Monster Design and Animator – A28
  • Colin Searle (Elliott Animation) – Monster Design and Animator – A269
  • Jin Shim (Belli-Buttons) – Merch – A357
  • Peter Chiykowski (Rock Paper Cynic) – Writer – 541

Tabletop Room – North Building

  • Derek Chung – Game Design (not available Saturday) – 201 or 202
  • Chloe Daen – Writer – 201 or 202
  • Eric Weiss – Writer – 201 or 202

Good luck on your hunt, and have a great Fan Expo!

(UPDATE: Sadly, San Kim will not be at Fan Expo this year, but Chloe is making her first time appearance!)

Can’t make it to the convention? That’s okay, too! We’ve released three new Foes to our Bestiary for those at home to test themselves against!