DEV UPDATE – Rules, More Rules, and Our Nexus Beta

Let’s face it. Rules are boring. But those mechanics drive everything we do with EMBERWIND, and sometimes we need to do a tune-up to keep the engine running.

That’s what we’ve done with our latest batch of updates. We’re going through every line of our Comprehensive Rules and updating them to make sure they’re as clear and intuitive as possible, so you can spend more time playing and less time figuring out how each Action is supposed to work!

You can see the results in Wailing Song v1.02 and The Songweave Tapestry v1.02, both of which are available now. We’ll also be giving the same treatment to The Skies of Axia soon, and will follow that up with updated versions of the individual Rules Modules that are currently on our website.

Until then, you can still sign up for Phase 1 of our Nexus Beta, where we’ll be introducing a Foe Creator and other tools that will make EMBERWIND even more user-friendly. Keep your eyes peeled for more announcements in the weeks to come!