NEWS UPDATE – EMBERWIND Goes to Anime North!

The Nomnisaurs are off on another adventure again, this time, to Anime North 2018! But wait! What’s this? Our wizard and rogue have spotted another Nomnisaur leading the charge! Who is this knightly fellow?!
Our booth number is 539/540 in Dealers; and we have a space in the Gaming Hall for demos of EMBERWIND. We’ll have SKIES OF AXIA and the SKIES OF AXIA bundle available for sale at the booth, along with art posters, gaming accessories, and demos of the game. Mention this post at the booth and take a photo with the book to be featured on our Instagram!
 We will be sharing the booth with BELLI BUTTONS, a creator of anime pins and accessories, and Peter Chiykowski of ROCK, PAPER, CYNIC (and one of EMBERWIND’s writers!), so there’s something for everyone.
See you in Toronto!