“Move like wind. Strike like thunder.”

While the Archer is peerless in ranged combat, she can fluidly shift between combat styles to dispense with enemies near and far with deadly grace and efficiency. Not bound to the use of the bow, the Archer’s arsenal of ranged and melee maneuvers and heightened battlefield awareness allow her to see and respond to the rhythms of combat to make sure every shot and slash lands true.

Class Features:

Drive the tempo of combat with abilities that interrupt foes and dismantle their attack strategies.
Shift between ranged and melee combat to keep up a deadly onslaught of attacks.
Repel waves of foes with abilities that wound or disable multiple targets.

Exploit Expertises:

Preparation Expertise
Stay ahead of your adversaries with abilities that can be primed for any combat situation.
Wind Dancing Expertise
Outpace your enemies with unparalleled battlefield mobility, then strike them down with lethal grace.
Sharpshooting Expertise
Target a single opponent with surgical precision and deadly ferocity.