“We are fire, or we are fuel.”

The Ardent weaves arcane power into complex chains of magic that can lay waste to a battlefield or strike down single targets with merciless efficiency. As mercurial and dangerous as the untameable magical forces she parleys with, the Ardent is driven by a burning obsession with power that makes her a fearsome ally and even more terrifying enemy.

Class Features:

Focused Fire
Unleash magical attacks that build in intensity and burn through even the most resilient foe’s defenses.
Mana Shield
Link the currents of magic energy flowing through you to create a barrier that absorbs blows at pivotal moments in battle.
Respond to the evolving conditions of battle by threading together spells in devastating and versatile combinations.

Spell Schools:

Needling Magic
Forge the wild flames of arcane energy into a precise assault that will melt through any enemy’s defense.
Destruction Magic
Weave and detonate complex spells that unleash a blast of searing annihilation on the battlefield.
Manipulation Magic
Craft illusions and warp reality—and even time itself—with the shimmering heat of your inner fire.