“The strength of the lion is in its pride.”

The Atlanta is the lion of war, always found where the fray is thickest. She relies on her mastery of arms and armour, as well as her supernatural charisma to carry her allies to victory. With an Atlanta in their ranks, a small unit can fight with the ferocity of an entire army, and rise to greater feats than they ever thought possible.

Class Features:

Might or Magic
Choose between arms and armour or magic-enhancing totems to protect you in the thick of combat.
Auras and Anthems
Bolster your companions with auras and battle chants that grant combat bonuses and drive them to greater acts of heroism.
Grandmaster of Morale
Marshal your allies with morale-boosting abilities, saving your most powerful effects for the moments that decide the fate of a battle.

Spell Schools and Exploit Expertises:

Restoration Magic
Rescue companions from the clutches of death, or bolster their efforts with powerful healing spells.
Skirmishing Expertise
Turn the tide of battle with feats of arms that thin enemy ranks and inspire courage in your allies.
Inspiration Expertise
Perform battle chants and rallying cries that can transform even the most basic rank-and-file soldier into an unstoppable force.
Shielding Expertise
Deflect lethal blows from you and your allies with powerful defensive maneuvers.