“All things grow. All things wither. All things die.”

The Druid commands the battlefield as both a keeper of the wilderness and an enforcer of its harsh laws—sometimes at the cost of his own humanity. Like the natural world they draw their magic from, Druids are extremely adaptable, capable of unleashing nature’s full spectrum of regenerative and destructive forces.

Class Features:

Bounty and Blight
Control the flow of combat by layering powerful boons and hexes on allies and adversaries.
Tap into the Druid’s animal nature to become a fierce physical combatant fueled by feral magic.
Build up a storm of enchantments on combatants, then detonate them for instant effects that turn the tide of battle.

Spell Schools:

Regeneration Magic
Harness the healing powers of the earth to help your allies shrug off debilitating or even fatal wounds.
Degeneration Magic
Cripple and wither your enemies with the brutal indifference of the natural world.
Growth Magic
Imbue you and your fellow heroes with magical energies to make you stronger, faster, and fiercer in combat.