“Reality is bound by unbreakable laws. I am the one who writes them.”

The Invoker is the unmatched master of control magic, capable of reshaping the battlefield and bending the minds and abilities of enemies and allies to gain the upper hand. Never seeing the path to victory as a straight line, she specializes in adapting her strategies and directing combat with a well-placed curse or boon, or an expertly timed upheaval of the battlefield.

Class Features:

Enemy and Field Control
Become the true master of the battlefield with spells that bend enemies and terrain to suit your needs.

Cascading Effects
Strike with vicious opportunism using spells that exponentially grow in power depending on combat conditions.

Keystone Enchantment
Craft a battle strategy around deploying one powerhouse enchantment with ongoing effects.

Spell Schools:

Alteration Magic
Mould reality to your will with mind-bending illusions and enchantments.

Curse Magic
Besiege your foes with insidious hexes that sap their strength and drain their reserves.

Geomancy Magic
Control the battlefield with spells that reshape terrain and configure the very land itself to your advantage.