“Fair fight? Never heard of it.”

The Rogue is a resourceful opportunist who uses a trickster’s cunning, a gambler’s courage, and an assassin’s unflinching instincts to claim victory. With no room for error or hesitation in combat, the Rogue relies on expert positioning, lightning reflexes and deadly poisons to ensure a swift kill and safe retreat. Loyal to allies who have put their lives on the line, the Rogue does his best work conspiring to exploit enemy weaknesses.

Class Features:

Double-dealing Opportunist
Seize the advantage by dual-wielding weapons and focusing attacks on any enemy who lets their guard down.
Accumulating Poisons
Bring down your mark with crippling poisons that accumulate in the bloodstream and inflict massive damage.
Hold ‘Em or Fold ‘Em
Choose between doubling down on your attacks or saving your last reserves to get out of the fray alive.

Exploit Expertises:

Trickster Expertise
Exploit your opponent’s weaknesses with opportunistic attacks and underhanded tricks.
Serpent Expertise
Seal your foe’s fate with an arsenal of devious and lethal combat poisons.
Slayer Expertise
Cut your foe to pieces with sudden ferocity and ruthless efficiency.