“See beyond sight. Feel beyond flesh. The spirits call.”

The Spiritualist moves like water. He is a sea of calm on the surface, hiding powerful currents of energy in his depths. The master of spiritual magic and physical discipline, he uses his mystic arts to raise fallen allies, drain the vigour of his enemies, or deliver blows that pulverize flesh and turn bone to dust.

Class Features:

Ebb and Flow
Channel your health into spellcasting power for your party, then use that power to cast spells that restore lost health.
Kiai Strike
Strike with the force of your warrior spirit to deliver penetrating melee attacks on targets both near and far.
Spiritual Warfare
Call on spectral entities to strengthen your allies and obliterate your enemies.

Spell Schools:

Healing Magic
Ward off death itself with a repertoire of spells that mend wounds and raise the fallen.
Harrow Magic
Make pacts with supernatural forces to haunt your enemies, laying waste to their bodies and eroding their spirits.
Involution Magic
Attune you and your party to your inner energies, drawing on deep reserves of untapped strength, speed, and perception.