“It’s not gambling if you’ve done the math.”

The Tactician is the most adaptable frontline leader. A good Tactician knows how to read his opponents, stack the deck in his allies’ favour, and play the odds to come out on top in the mud, blood, and chaos of the battlefield. Not only can the Tactician inspire his team to strike harder and faster, he uses his mastery of attack gambits to cut down enemies before they can react to his unfolding strategy.

Class Features:

Lead the Charge
Command the battlefield from the front lines with abilities that give the greatest edge where the fray is thickest.
Ready for Battle
Outmaneuver and outfight your foes by giving allies opportunities for extra actions and attacks.
Play the Odds
Roll the dice with calculated gambits that deliver a devastating onslaught but leave you defenseless.

Exploit Expertises:

Motivation Expertise
Guide your allies to push past their limits in combat, helping them shrug off wounds and battle on with greater intensity.
Bravery Expertise
Stand strong and deliver your most devastating attacks when the stakes are highest.
Warfare Expertise
Command the battlefield with an iron fist—figuratively and literally.