“The price of glory is blood. Make sure it’s your opponent who pays.”

To the Warrior, the battlefield is a canvas that can be painted with a hundred different kinds of bloodshed. Specializing in physical combat, the Warrior is a cunning fighter, capable of overpowering foes and defending fellow heroes with a constantly evolving arsenal of battle techniques and increasingly powerful attack maneuvers.

Class Features:

Tide of Iron and Staccato Strike
Deliver a series of blows that drives Foes to the ground or cleaves through their defenses.
Combat Positioning
Control the battlefield with attack maneuvers that reposition combatants and destroy cover.
Evolving Combat Threat
Force opponents to face you in battle with attacks that become deadlier the longer you fight.

Exploit Expertises:

Armsman Expertise
Mow down enemies with a range of combat techniques for every scenario.
Brutality Expertise
Overpower your foes with sheer physical force and keenly focused battle fury.
Defender Expertise
Own the battlefield by controlling foes’ movements and shielding your comrades from even the most deadly onslaughts.