NEWS UPDATE – Hark! A Brave Knight Enters the Arena!

Hey, Toronto! Thank you for your wonderful support and engagement at Anime North. We had an amazing time, and are blown away by the community response. We’ve got a lot to work on now that the convention is over, and we’re gearing up for Origins Game Fair, but…what’s this? The trumpets are blaring! Pennants are waving! People are cheering, and clapping. The thunder of hooves shakes the ground, as though a mighty champion appears!

And hark! He enters on his mighty white steed, its golden horn shining in the sun. His armor glitters with heroism. His spear shines like…well, you get the idea.

Who is this noble figure?

Meet Meatball, Knight of Nomnivore, Hero of Nomnisaur-kind! The newest of our Nomnisaurs, he joins the others to help make announcements, navigate the site, and otherwise keep you up to date. We teased his inclusion in the nomnisaurs before Anime North, and we’re happy to officially welcome him to our ranks now. Forward, brave knights!