Join us Friday, August 17th as Arvan Eleron, Trendane Sparks, Sod, and Brahms continue with their adventures in the city of Adriel and beyond!

In our first session, the party began their adventure at the feet of the Clueless Prince, encountering the vicious Houndmaster and his Blood Hounds on the Hacksaw Bridge. After dispatching the beasts and their master, our adventurers met with Kendrick Maddox, who sent them on an urgent mission to secure a new Hearth Crystal for the Gelspar district of Adriel. At the top of a nearly abandoned lift to the Silverglades, the group encountered the Rift Mages and their monstrous Slitherspines, leading to a tense battle on the lift platform high above the ground. The session concluded with the party searching for clues as to why anyone was in the Silverglades at that time of night. Our next session will pick up here, as our adventurers continue moving through Adriel to the docks, where a ship is waiting to take them to the crystal.

Joining the party again will be our very own John Helfers, who will lead the players through their adventure.  We invite everyone to watch the stream and join the conversation in the chat. The stream begins at 8PM EST at

We hope to see you all there!