NEWS UPDATE – Meatball Presents: Variant Hero Cards!

Hark, citizens!

It is I, Meatball, Knight of the People, Hero of Nomnivore, Mightiest of Nomnisaurs! As you may know, I am but recently returned from the wilds of Anime North, that great festival of art and lore. My adventures were many, and shall be long remembered in story and song, but I fear my excitement will not let me keep this one for the bards.

My fellow Nomnisaurs were atwitter with news of their latest triumph, a secret company of heroes with skills different from those we know and love. An alternate party, perhaps, where warriors become Ardents, and mages turn their skills to the bow and arrow. After much questing, I found the heroes’ stories written on ancient parchment and brought them forth from the depths of the Nomnisaur workshops.

Now I return to you, bearing their aspects, given with blessing and honor. They wait here to imbue you with their power, their wisdom, and their ferocity. Should you dare to don the mantles of these legends, their cards await you here!

Be valiant, and noble, and do not forget that it is I, Meatball, Knight of Glory, Champion of Ages, who has brought you this gift!