MEET THE CREW – Angela Tran, Voice Actor

We’ve been taking the opportunity this November to introduce you to the members of our team whose faces you might not see or whose work is done mainly behind the scenes. Today, we’d like to delve into the world of voice acting and introduce you to the person whose voice draws you in to EMBERWIND!
Angela Tran is an Australian voice actor and one of the newest members of the EMBERWIND crew. After acting for over four years, she stepped away from the acting scene briefly to return as a voice actor. If you’ve seen our Kickstarter video, then you’ve already heard Angela’s work. She’s the narrator for our trailer video. We’re also thrilled to announce that she’ll be the voice of the Ardent in a project coming a little further down the road. We’re pleased to have Angela as a part of our team and hope that you will be as well!
To celebrate her joining the project, we did a quick five-question Q&A.
What’s your niche on the EMBERWIND team and how did you get started in that field?
I’m a voice actor!
I had been acting for over four years, and then gave up because I felt like something was missing. Then strangely enough, I saw a Facebook ad for a voice acting course and immediately jumped on it. It was like that very thing was the missing piece of the puzzle.
What other projects have you worked on?
I’ve worked for an animated commercial by Nike called “The Dreamers” and Perceptions of the Dead 2, a highly rated game on Steam.
Who is your creative inspiration?
There are so many! All my teachers, who have worked in indie games, to triple A titles, to animations. They represent a level I’d love to completely embody one day.
Do you have any cool interests or hobbies?
Well. I’d love to say that I play in a rock band, but alas! I’m not that hip. I like to read comics, paint, and play lots of video games!
What’s your favourite game and why?
Hmm, hard to say at this stage!