MEET THE CREW – Jin Shim, Manufacturing Liaison

If you stop by our booth at any convention you’ll see the Nomnisaurs and our team hard at work. What you might not realize, though, is that there are plenty of people working behind the scenes to get things done. These ninjasaurs are amazing at what they do and if not for them, we wouldn’t be able to bring Emberwind or any of our other projects to you.

One of these super-secret agents of awesome is Jin Shim, our manufacturing liaison. Jin is a wonderfully fantastic person who make sure our stuff gets produced and printed. While she’s often found at conventions, you usually won’t see her actively working on Nom projects. What you can be certain of though is that wherever she goes she’ll be repping us in one way or another.

Jin is a veteran of the convention circuit herself, and can most often be spotted behind the towering display of her own art brand, Belli-Buttons. A lesser known fact about her though is that she’s also the head of JiMi Agency, which handles some, but not all of our production. When she’s not busy at conventions, Jin keeps herself busy creating bright and bold new artwork for her fans. We love that Jin is a part of our Nomnivore Games team. She really works some magic with everything she does.


Jin Shim is a Canadian visual artist and a member of our manufacturing team. You can see more of her work at Belli-Buttons, Jimi Agency, and on Instagram.