MEET THE CREW – Mathias Semmann, Graphic Designer

“I’m a really nice guy, I guess?”

That’s the first thing you get when you ask Mathias Semmann to describe himself. It’s also the only thing our elusive and humble graphic designer would give me for his bio post. While definitely true, there’s so much more that can be said about him as well.

Our Nomnisaurs found Mathias wandering the forests of central Germany. Recognizing his talent for design, they quickly boxed him up and shipped him to HQ to join the rest of our crew. Since he’s joined our team, Mathias has been quietly working to make magic happen here at Nom.

If you’ve looked at anything for Emberwind or Nomnivore Games, you’ve certainly seen his work. Not only has Mathias worked extensively on Skies of Axia and our upcoming Microlite Custom Hero Manual, he’s also made pretty much all the graphics that we put out on social media, too. He even travels with the Nomnivore team to conventions across the US and Canada. When he’s not working his magic with the Nomnisaurs, Mathias operates a freelance design business for a variety of creative clients. All of us here at Nom, as well as all the Nomnisaurs, are glad Mathias is part of our team and we can’t wait to see his next great design.

And yes, he truly is a really nice guy.