MEET THE CREW – Tico Souza, Composer

We’re continuing our Meet the Crew series with more members of the team who you may not see in person, but whose work makes EMBERWIND something truly magical. Today we’re going to be looking at the artist whose music brings EMBERWIND to life!

Tico Souza is a multi-instrumentalist and producer specializing in piano, composition, and arrangement. He blends music rooted in his Brazilian heritage with jazz, classical, and modern pop to create an interesting and unique sound.

After touring in South America for ten years, Tico moved to Canada, where he now resides and continues to perform. In addition to receiving various awards for exceptional talent in piano performance, Tico is also a recipient of the Humber Seed Venture grant.

Tico is also a huge nerd when it comes to games on both his tabletop and desktop, with a lifelong love for titles like Legend of the Five Rings and a more recent appreciation for games like Paladins.

If you’ve been on our Kickstarter page (which we hope you have) and watched our video, then you’re already familiar with Tico’s work. He’s the maestro behind the music for the EMBERWIND: Core trailer, and we love what he composed for our campaign!

In fact, we love it so much that we’re releasing the trailer soundtrack on our web store as a pay-what-you-want download! We’re thrilled that the Nomnisaurs invited Tico to be a member of our team and can’t wait to hear his next creation!