MEET THE CREW – Timothy Yan, Printing Liaison

For the past several months, we’ve been introducing you to the members of our crew whose work is mainly done behind the scenes These sneaky crew members aren’t often seen, but their work touches so much of what we do here at Nomnivore Games. Each of them brings something unique and necessary to the team, and without their hard work EMBERWIND wouldn’t be the amazing product that it is. Today, we’d like to introduce you to the person who handles the actual printing of Skies of Axia and other EMBERWIND books like the upcoming Hero Manual.

Timothy Yan is the printing liaison for Nomnivore Games. Originally from Canada, he is currently living in Hong Kong where he works directly with manufacturers to ensure that our printed materials are produced to the highest quality standards. To say that Tim’s been involved with EMBERWIND for a while would be an understatement. It’s the first tabletop game he’d played, back before it was even called EMBERWIND.

When Tim’s not working on EMBERWIND, you can find him trying to save our planet, one notebook at a time. He’s the cofounder of Airypack, a green startup for paper products. They’re preparing to launch their paper-based revolution via Kickstarter in the coming months. You can check them out now on Facebook and Instagram, too.

Of course, Tim’s not all about business. Like any good Nom he knows how to kick back and enjoy himself, too! He enjoys nomming on fast food from time to time, and he’s always up for an adventure with Pokémon GO! We’re glad that the Nomnisaurs grabbed Tim and invited him to join our team! It’s because of him that our books come out as amazingly as they do.