MEET THE CREW – Toma Feizo Gas, Artist

A long time ago, in a house not so far away, a young Toma Feizo Gas sat reading a stack of sci-fi and fantasy stories. He devoured the stories and soon found himself entrenched in the high-adventure world of tabletop gaming. The rest, as they say, is history.

Today, gaming is as much a part of Toma’s life as it was back then. Our wonderful art team member and resident daydreamer has contributed his skills and artwork to legendary titles like Pathfinder, Dungeons & Dragons, Magic: The Gathering. He’s also worked on a score of tabletop and video games such as Infinity, Star Trek Adventures, Mutant Chronicles, and Robert E. Howards’s Conan RPG.

When he’s not painting or writing in his home studio, he can often be found lost in thought, crafting his own game experiences, or journeying with his boys on their own adventures. He’s also entering the world of indie game development with some of his own secret projects.

We’re so happy the Nomnisaurs found Toma on their journeys and brought him back to join our team! He makes phenomenal art like this fierce Gatekeeper Imp. Who knows what wonders he’ll turn out next!


Toma Feizo Gas is a Canadian multidisciplinary artist, creator, gamer, and dreamer. You can see more of his works at Vulcan Design Forge.