MEET THE CREW – Derek Chung: Nomnisaur Wrangler and Game Designer

Derek Chung is the nomnisaur wrangler behind Nomnivore Games Inc. Derek got into game development the usual way: a steady diet of geek media and anime, a hatred of sleep, and an interest in co-operative storytelling. His background in psychotherapy reinforced his love of shared worlds and experiences. Derek lives in Ontario, where he is fueled by equal parts caffeine, beer, and sleep deprivation. In an effort to combat the sleep deprivation, Derek brought home a puppy. He reports that the puppy is getting plenty of sleep, but wonders if he didn’t maybe misunderstand some important step of the process.

Derek is the head of all things Nomnivore and EMBERWIND, and spends a lot of his time herding the various freelancers. He’s also the one you’re most likely to meet or play a game with at the conventions we posted about a few days ago. He’ll be running adventures all summer long for conventions, and will also have a table at some of them. If you want to know what’s coming next, or how to get EMBERWIND and our other games to your friendly local game store, find Derek in the booth at a con near you, and he can help! If you can, bring some coffee, take a selfie with the game and post it to social media, or just show him puppy pictures. Any of these will help bring him back from the brink. (Seriously, have you ever stood behind a table or in a booth for ten hours? Lovecraft got it wrong on how one is driven to despair, let me tell you. Puppy pictures all around, please!)

Derek will also be running spot demos at the booth or table during conventions, so if you have a question about how a mechanic works, or want some ideas on how to incorporate the new system or settings into your work, this is a great time to ask!

And don’t forget to tune in next week to meet another member of our staff, one of our brilliant lead writers!