MEET THE CREW – John Helfers, Editor

When John Helfers knocked on the office door of a political science professor at the Miskatonic University in the last bitter dregs of the 20th century, he had no idea that chance meeting would lead to untold ages working with some of the most creative people on the planet (and on other planets, too!). He’s now a full-time freelance writer and editor and shoggoth herder and the president of Stonehenge Editorial, an editorial/literary project management company. He’s written 24 novels and published more than 50 short stories across a wide variety of genres and realities. He has overseen the production of the recent Valdemar anthologies for Mercedes Lackey (No True Way, Crucible, Tempest and Pathways), Esther Friesner (Chicks & Balances) and is the current Fiction Director for Catalyst Game Labs, working on such storied properties as Shadowrun and BattleTech. Recently he branched out into game design with the game Henchman (co-designed with Dylan Birtolo), and working with other game companies such as Lynnvander Studios and, of course, Nomnivore Games, which came about through yet another chance meeting. His company website is

John denies that he drinks his beer from the skulls of writers who neglected to use Track Changes, but can often be found muttering “It was right there in my email!” His own henchman could not be reached for comment concerning John’s management style.

John manages the editorial duties for EMBERWIND, doing his best to stave off the ravening hordes of typos introduced by strange powers from beyond the veils. If you find a mistake in a book, though, make sure you approach John gently, and preferably with a peace offering. He’s gotten a bit jumpy lately, for some reason. I’m sure it doesn’t have anything to do with that sneaky ninja running around, or Meatball’s repeated attempts to throw a gauntlet at his feet.