EMBERWIND: Hero Manual

EMBERWIND is a new modular tabletop RPG that lets players build their own game experience from the ground up. The core rules are intuitive enough to learn in minutes, but offer plenty of immersive strategy through co-operative tactics and alternative rules modules.

The EMBERWIND: Hero Manual gives players everything they need to create fully customized Heroes using the game’s nine main Classes and drop them into new storylines and challenges to hone their abilities and test their mettle.

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Join the fray as one of EMBERWIND’s nine core Classes, each offering rich sets of options for creating an epic Hero with powerful combat abilities and a unique tactical role in forging their party’s path to victory.

We will be unveiling one of the nine EMBERWIND Classes every two weeks over the coming months. Stay tuned to our Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and News section for updates.


Commander Classes win the day through strategies that control the flow of combat and abilities that inspire their allies to unbelievable acts of valour. Seasoned Commanders consider their arsenal to include not just their own abilities, but the spells and exploits of their battle companions. They create opportunities to unleash their allies’ potential, marshalling their resources to overwhelm and outmaneuver the enemy.


“The strength of the lion is in its pride.”

The Atlanta is the lion of war, always found where the fray is thickest. She relies on her mastery of arms and supernatural charisma to carry her allies to victory. With an Atlanta in their ranks, a small unit can fight with the ferocity of an entire army.


“See beyond sight. Feel beyond flesh. The spirits call.”

The Spiritualist moves like water. He is a sea of calm on the surface, hiding powerful currents of energy in his depths. He uses his mystic arts to raise fallen allies, drain the vigour of his enemies, or deliver blows that turn bone to dust.


“It’s not gambling if you’ve done the math.”

The Tactician is the most adaptable frontline leader. A good Tactician knows how to read his opponents, stack the deck in his allies’ favour, and play the odds to come out on top in the mud, blood, and chaos of the battlefield.


Harbinger Classes draw on powerful mystical energies and craft them into devastating spells and effects. As adaptable as they are powerful, Harbingers wield their magic resourcefully: from bolstering allies, to striking down enemies, to reshaping the very battlefield to suit their will.


“We are fire, or we are fuel.”

The Ardent weaves arcane power into complex chains of magic that can lay waste to a battlefield or strike down single targets with merciless efficiency. As dangerous as the magic she parleys with, the Ardent is driven by a burning obsession with power.


“All things grow. All things wither. All things die.”

The Druid is a keeper of the wilderness and an enforcer of its harsh laws. Like the natural world they draw their magic from, Druids are extremely adaptable, capable of unleashing a full spectrum of regenerative and destructive forces.


“Reality is bound by unbreakable laws. I am the one who writes them.”

The Invoker is the unmatched master of control magic, capable of reshaping the battlefield and bending the minds and abilities of enemies. She specializes in adapting her strategies and directing combat with a well-placed curse or boon.


Masters of physical combat, Soldiers hone their skill with their preferred arms and armour to perform stunning combat maneuvers and weather brutal assaults. Whether defending other heroes on the front line or harassing foes from the edges of the fray, a Soldier is always looking for a chance to deliver the critical blow that can turn the tide of battle.


“Move like wind. Strike like thunder.”

While the Archer is peerless in ranged combat, she can fluidly shift between combat styles to dispense with enemies near and far with and respond to the rhythms of combat to make sure every shot and slash lands true.


“Fair fight? Never heard of it.”

The Rogue uses a trickster’s cunning, a gambler’s courage, and an assassin’s unflinching instincts to claim victory. Relying on expert positioning, lightning reflexes and deadly poisons, the Rogue always ensures a swift kill and safe retreat.


“The price of glory is blood. Make sure it’s your opponent who pays.”

To the Warrior, the battlefield is a canvas that can be painted with a hundred different kinds of bloodshed. A cunning fighter, the Warrior overpowers foes and defends fellow heroes with a constantly evolving arsenal of battle maneuvers.

Hero Manual Features

  • Intuitive, modular rules for players of all experience levels.
  • Epic Heroes you can fully create and customize in 5-30 minutes.
  • Cooperative tactical combat that hardcore gamers can sink their teeth into.
  • Jaw-dropping art that makes you want to put on a backpack and go exploring.
  • Uncharted adventure in worlds of epic fantasy—your creation or ours.
  • Ongoing free downloadable content releases.

Rise up, hero! Our journey together is just beginning.

We believe that a modular RPG has more to offer players, because players have more to offer each other than a static rules system will allow. That’s why with EMBERWIND, you can assemble your own ruleset and, whether you buy the printed book or digital edition of the Hero Manual, you gain access to all future errata and revisions and our community helps the game evolve.

You can also try the Hero Manual through our free demo version, which includes the game rules, limited equipment selection, and Tier 1 Action Lists for the Ardent, Warrior, and Atlanta.

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