NEW DLC – Barbcat DLC

2018 has been a huge year for Nomnivore Games. We launched our first game, attended a plethora of conventions across Canada and the US, and closed our year with a successful Kickstarter campaign! Since our launch this year, our team has been absolutely amazed at the level of enthusiasm and support that the community has show us, be it in person at conventions, on social media, or on our forums. We’re so grateful to have such wonderful friends joining us in the journey that is EMBERWIND.

To show our thanks, we’re releasing the Barbcat as brand-new bonus DLC content! We’re also releasing The Hunt, a new Bestiary Series story featuring the Barbcat and written by Gregory A Wilson! We invite you to download the Barbcat’s Foe Card and try your hand at challenging this new Foe!

From all of our team, thank you all so much for your support. We can’t wait to share more stories with you and to hear your stories, too!

-The Nomnivore Games Crew