NEW DLC – Blood Mother DLC

As long as soldiers have told stories of war, there have also been stories of the Blood Mother. Stories of a creature that takes the dying in her arms and sings to them as she strides across the battlefields unbothered by anything around her. Stories of wounded friends given up for dead on the battlefield showing up hale and hearty as if nothing had happened and unable to account for their miraculous salvations.

The Blood Mother is an ancient and apparently undying creature. Some call her a god, for indeed what are gods but those who continue to survive long past the time the ought to? She most commonly manifests as a towering feminine figure walking across the fields of battle draped in robes of crimson and a diaphanous train of blood and shadow follows in her wake. Her skin, or at least what people have reported to be skin, is as pale as bleached bones and her finger unnaturally long and sharp.

She takes the dying into her embrace, enveloping them in her body and filling them with her blood and a small fragment of her essence. They are thusly gifted with a portion of her strength and sorceries based upon her blood that courses through their veins. They are then sent back to their lives or sent to some new place to begin anew as her sleeper agents. Many a child of the Blood Mother has lived their entire second life without her ever having called upon them… but that is not always the case.

What are her goals? Why is she building this army of blood thralls? What is it like to live as a child of the Blood Mother? These are all questions that hopefully you will answer in part in your campaigns amongst the worlds of EMBERWIND.

Slang for children of the Blood Mother: bloodwalkers, deathkin, motherblooded, strangebloods 


The Blood Mother and her Blood Thralls are the newest Foes to join the Bestiary. You can learn more about them in our newest Bestiary Series piece: “A Thing of Ancient Blood and Cunning.”

Jordan Shiveley lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota where he writes weird things. Sometimes they appear in games. Most recently he wrote the Codex of the Deep Spire supplement book for the SPIRE roleplaying game.

William Liu is a freelance artist from Toronto, Canada who is passionate about designing and illustrating creatures and approaches life with a calm, curious demeanor.