NEW DLC – Chaser Grinder Foe Card

Following up on our new Archive story about the Chaser Doorcrasher, we’re unveiling a new piece of free DLC: a downloadable and printer-friendly Foe Card PDF with all the combat statistics for the Chaser Grinder.

The Grinder has a very particular role in the chain of command for the Chasers–the street gang that more or less runs the streets of Gelspar. In combat, they use alchemical grenades to bombard their enemies and heal their allies. Grinders are also involved in the production of Pixie, a street drug that has been appearing in the slum of Gelspar around the time of the Skies of Axia campaign. You can add Grinders to your combats in the campaign for extra difficulty and variety.

Check out the Foe Card here!